Typical pubs tour in London

London, with more than 7000 pubs in total in the center of the city, it would be unconscious not to taste some pints in some of the most famous and old pubs of the City. The multiple destruction of London over time (The Great Fire, the Second World War) destroyed some institutions of beer, but there are still a few, laden with stories whose walls could tell you stories. From classics to hidden nuggets in London’s small streets, you can take a tour of these historic pubs in just a few hours, all depends on your thirst.


Let’s start with “The French house, Soho”, formerly called “the York Minster” it was renamed by the regulars. Dating back to 1891, it is in this historic pub that we serve the most Ricard in London, you will be able to savor only half pints except the first April day because of an old tradition. Actors, writers and all kinds of artists and gypsies come together in this pub. The walls are decorated with many photographs taken by Soho photographer, creating an ambience in the image of this emblematic neighborhood.

49 Dean St, W1D 5BG


Let’s continue this journey to Covent Garden with a pub that you do not risk missing, its facade is almost entirely filled with vegetation: The Cross Keys. Dating back to 1848, the interior is currently filled with many antiquities without any interrelations, from diving helmet to letters signed by David Beckham through Victorian paintings, the owner is a bric-a-brac enthusiast And the decoration is quite busy but this is what creates the special atmosphere of this pub. It could be called old-school.

31 Endell Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9BA


Let us now attack an institution in the north of London: The Flask. It also has a facade decorated with flowers but to a lesser extent than The Cross Keys. According to historians, a tavern called “The Flask” was located at the same location at least since 1667, the current buildings date from approximately the early 18th century. The interior decorated in a very English style and very “class” with contrasts of black, wood and beige. This pub was frequented by former Rockstar or personalities and still today, British personalities go there. However pay attention to you as legend says it’s place is haunted after a waitress hung in the basement.

The Flask 77 Highgate West Hill Camden London N6 6BU


Here we leave you, these three bars are for us three emblematic pubs of London but there are hundreds of others who will know how to rejoice that you consume alcohol or not. We remind you that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, it is consumed in moderation.