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  • Tti have 16 years of teaching English courses in London. Located in the heart of Camden Town, Tti have two centres just five minutes walk to Camden Market and 10 minutes to Central London by tube! The main aim of all our English courses is to improve your communicative ability and confidence. Taking an English course in London provides you with a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the English language. Your English studies at Tti will develop your knowledge of the four key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will also focus on your grammatical accuracy, your pronunciation and increasing your vocabulary. This is done using a wide range of techniques and activities. The English course you choose will also improve your functional language. Coursework is designed by the teachers who use course book material as well as authentic texts. Tti offer Year-round General English , IELTS , English for Business and 30 + Courses as well as Cambridge Exam courses on fixed dates throughout the year and in the summer. Tti also offer a varied Social Programme with activities everyday! Tti's carefully planned Social Programme complements your studies. It will introduce you to current events taking place in the capital and provide an opportunity to practice your English in a social context.

Tti treat every student as an individual, and are committed to helping you.

  • develop your ability to speak and understand practical, realistic English
  • build your confidence in using English through controlled communicatiion activities in the classroom
  • extend your grammatical knowledge
  • improve your ability to read and write English more effectively
  • increase your vocabulary
  • help your pronunciation, intonation and range of expressiveness in English
  • develop your ability to become a more independent learner of English by using the self-study facilities in our study lounge.
  • by providing a practical, reliable and quality service
  • by listening  to and valuing your feedback by responding to it and improving our school whenever we can.

Tti’s aim

Tti’s aim is to deliver quality lessons and maintain consistently high standards – Tti want to give you a real sense of progress and to ensure that the courses represent value for money.

Tti will test your level both with a pre-arrival test and an interview on arrival to choose the most suitable class for you. When it is time to change your level they will test your level outside class time and give you the results the next day.

Tti classes do not follow an individual course book. Instead, teachers follow a detailed and comprehensive syllabus, and select the best and most appropriate materials for your class. Tti often ask their students to tell them what they want to learn, and what they think about their classes.  They try to meet these needs and interests to ensure that personal learning objectives are met.

You will also receive copies of study materials to take home and review. Tti will help you to develop good study skills, which include guidance on how to organize your worksheets and keep vocabulary books, and they will monitor your progress via regular in-class testing, and counselling whenever you need it.

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General English

General English is our most popular range of courses, offering you the perfect balance between learning and free time. With only 10 lessons per week, this course provides the most flexibility to fit around your other commitments – whether that’s your work, your family, or simply exploring London’s famous culture.

General English - Intensive

Intensive English courses are perfect for students who want to study hard and make rapid progress. With 35 lessons per week, this full-time course offers more class time than any other. But, like all courses, Tti make sure your learning experience is rich, varied and – above all – enjoyable.

One to One Lessons

This is the fastest and most flexible way to learn English. One-to-one courses ensure your learning time is 100% dedicated to you. You can choose your own timetable so you really can fit your learning around your lifestyle.

General English & Football

A great opportunity for students who want to improve their English and practise their football skills at the same time!

Football lovers can combine football with English lessons in the morning or afternoon!

Why choose our Football Course?

  • Flexible timetable – Choose to study 15 lessons of English in the morning or 10 lessons in the afternoon. Training on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays;
  • Professionally structured football courses and activities plus optional football matches on Saturdays;
  • Courses available all year round. Start any Monday! Minimum 2 weeks.
  • End of Course Certificate;
  • Premier League football tickets available upon request.

Course prices (includes Football Kit) :

  • General English 15 Course + Football £285 per week;
  • General English 10 Course + Football £200 per week;

30+ General English

Adults often have very different learning objectives to our younger students. So whether you dream of improving your English for professional or personal reasons, this course is perfectly tailored to help you reach your goals faster. As well as improving your language skills, you’ll also learn about important topics such as British politics, current affairs and the arts. Plus, you can take advantage of our cultural and social activities just for adult students.

English for Business

Business English course is perfect for students who want to develop their language skills alongside a part-time job or university study. With classes finishing at lunchtime, the rest of your day is free. So you can learn something new in the morning and use it in the workplace that same afternoon.


The perfect preparation for your IELTS exam. This is a very focused course with two key objectives to help you walk into your exam feeling confident and to complete the exam with the IELTS score your require for your future. Whatever your current level, Tti’s expert team will advise the recommended length of course following your pre-test results. With new courses starting every Monday, you can even begin your IELTS journey this week.

Cambridge Advanced

The Cambridge English Advanced exams are recognised by universities, employers and national education authorities everywhere. The intensive course gives you the perfect preparation for this sought-after qualification. So you can walk into the exam feeling good and walk out feeling confident of your score.


This one-week course is the perfect preparation for your TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) exam. Because Tti is an approved examination centre for TOEIC, you can take the exam right here on the last day of your course.

Academic Focus, Long-term Programme

If you are planning an extended stay in the UK, the long-term courses give you the chance to dramatically improve your language skills. With new courses lasting from 15 to 44 weeks starting every Monday, you’re sure to find a long-term course that fits your plans.

English + Paid Work Experience

If you aren’t familiar with the UK job market or aren’t confident speaking English, finding a job can be difficult. Paid work experience courses are designed to make things as easy as possible. Tti provide classroom lessons to develop your skills and job interviews through our partner company to get you into work.

English + Internship

From advertising and fashion to engineering and law, an internship opens the door to many exciting careers. Complement your classroom lessons with an Internship at the end of your course. This programme is a great way to gain the skills – and the opportunities – you need.

Tti's Christmas Programme

The perfect gift for friends, family or for yourself! Improve your language skills during the morning and join in with London’s magical festivities during the afternoon.

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