Avoid loneliness as a student abroad

To leave his home at a relatively young age is never easy. After leaving his family and close friends, it is important to do social interaction and find new people. I will show you some ways how you can achieve that and avoid loneliness as a student abroad.

1. Join a club or society
Most of universities offer a programme of activities during the week but also on weekends. This is an easy way to meet students and get in touch with interesting people who have the same interests as you.
2. Plan ahead and take time out
To avoid being in trouble with finishing work for the university, it is important to plan ahead. Create a timetable in which you decide when you do your work in connection with the dates you have to finish the different works. In this timetable, you can then also manage the free time you have left to meet up with people or do some activities.

3. Same spot at the same time
If you like to go to the gym, as example, try to go at the same days and same time. First of all, it will help to maintain your routine and secondly you will see quickly which people are there at the same time as you. After seeing people a few times, you can start to get in touch with them. As these are people with the same interest as you, I am sure you are going to find some people you get along with.

4. Turn up to class
Seminars and courses are a great way to socialise. Especially in group project you are connected with people who have the same interests as you. Class discussions will help you as well to get in touch with people.

5. Go out when you can
Instead of studying alone at home, take your stuff and go to the library or in a café. Meet up with friends of the same classes so it will also help you get other ideas or different opinions about the subject. Like in point two, you can make yourself a regular at this place and you will see which people had the same idea to go study at this place like you.

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