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    5th Dec, 2019

    Avoid loneliness as a student abroad

    To leave his home at a relatively young age is never easy. After leaving his family…

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    12th Nov, 2019

    What to do this weekend! 16.-17. Nov

    Soho Horror Film Festival 15 Nov – 17 Nov 2019 Halloween is not over yet! Visit…

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    4th Nov, 2019

    Discover the Seaside!

    To escape the busy days in the city of London, I will recommend you a day…

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    25th Sep, 2019

    Rainy Weather? No Problem!

    Do not worry when it does not look like nice weather next weekend. Because there are…

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    27th Jan, 2017

    Typical pubs tour in London

    London, with more than 7000 pubs in total in the center of the city, it would…

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    9th Aug, 2016

    Pontificate, word of the day!

    Pontificate: Definition: express one’s opinions in a pompous and dogmatic way. Example: “he was pontificating about art and…

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    8th Aug, 2016

    Nouns – How to make Singular into Plural

    A noun is either an object, a person, a place or an idea. When learning a…

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    1st Aug, 2016

    Passive voice

    Passive voice is commonly used in both spoken and written English. Its use really depends upon…

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    25th Jul, 2016

    Making Polite Requests

    Making Polite Requests   “Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy.” ― Ralph Waldo…

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