As well as providing some of the best student accommodation in London, we at Home from Home Student Services are also committed to improving your English language ability. Wherever you are from in the world, being able to speak and understand English is one of the most important skills you can have. Whether it’s to progress your education, your career or just to assist you when travelling, the ability to communicate in English will help you.

It is commonly agreed that the best way to learn the English language and culture is to study in an English-speaking environment. Where better than the vibrant capital of England, London, rich in culture and heritage? We are committed to improving your English language ability and offer a range of schools and courses to help you make the right choice for studying English in London. Whether it be a course at one of our accredited partner English language schools, or a bespoke course tailored specifically to your needs with one of our qualified host teachers, you will be sure to have fun and improve your ability studying English in London.

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25th Jul, 2016

Making Polite Requests

Making Polite Requests   “Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy.”  ― Ralph…

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18th Jul, 2016


Not everything in life is certain, therefore when we want to express that something may or…

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24th Jun, 2016

Word of the day, Exasperated!

Exasperated  Definition: irritate intensely; infuriate. Example: “this futile process exasperates prison officers” Synonyms: infuriate, incense, anger, annoy, irritate, madden,…

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23rd Jun, 2016

Word of the day, Tantalise!

Tantalise Definition: torment or tease (someone) with the sight or promise of something that is unobtainable. Example: “such…

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22nd Jun, 2016

Scintillate, word of the day!

Scintillate Definition: emit flashes of light; sparkle. Example: “the sleek boat seemed to scintillate with a dark blue…

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21st Jun, 2016

Word of the day, Sulk!

Sulk Definition: be silent, morose, and bad-tempered out of annoyance or disappointment. Example: “he was sulking over…

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20th Jun, 2016

Word of the day, Drench!

Drench Definition: wet thoroughly; soak. Example: “I fell in the stream and was drenched” Synonyms: soak, saturate, wet…

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17th Jun, 2016

Word of the day, Initial!

Initial Definition: 1. Existing or occurring at the beginning. 2. The first letter of a name…

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14th Jun, 2016

Word of the day, Analysis!

Analysis Definition: detailed examination of the elements or structure of something. Example: “statistical analysis” Synonyms: examination, investigation, inspection, survey,…

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