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  • Bloomsbury International is a friendly, independent English language school in the centre of London offering excellent quality English language courses at affordable prices. Bloomsbury's aim is to ensure that all students improve their English quickly, reach their learning goals and enjoy their time in London. You will be provided with a personal study plan, as well as individual attention and support throughout your course to ensure that you progress rapidly and achieve your learning objectives. Bloomsbury have a truly international atmosphere with around 2,000 students from over 40 different countries choosing to study at Bloomsbury International every year. Whether you are looking to prepare for an English language exam, improve your career opportunities or just learn English for fun, you are sure to find the perfect course.


Bloomsbury International is accredited by the British Council, EAQUALS (excellence in language education) and ISI (the Independent Schools Inspectorate), and have recently received two excellent inspection reports. Bloomsbury are also a UKVI Tier 4 Sponsor and a member of English UK.

Bloomsbury’s beautiful, historic premises are located just two minutes’ walk from Holborn underground station (zone 1) and only a few minutes’ walk from Oxford Street, Covent Garden and the British Museum. The school is equipped with modern facilities including an Internet Studio, a TOEIC Test Centre, a Student Resource Centre, a Café, interactive whiteboards (IWBs) in the majority of classrooms and high speed Wi-Fi which is free for all our students to use. The classrooms and facilities are all furnished to a high standard, with your comfort and safety in mind.

The school is run by a dedicated and qualified group of professionals who have many years’ experience in the various aspects of managing language training operations. Together, their expertise offers you a high quality learning experience that places you, the student, at the centre and puts your needs and preferences first.

Bloomsbury’s qualified, carefully selected and dedicated teachers all hold internationally recognised English language teaching qualifications and you will find them passionate, enthusiastic and committed to their students’ learning. Inspectors have commented on the excellence of teaching at Bloomsbury International.

With modern facilities, excellent customer service, an exciting social programme and academic excellence, Bloomsbury International is your choice for success!


A comfortable, relaxed environment with modern study resources and equipment plays an important role in maximising your English studies and ensuring that you progress rapidly.

Bloomsbury International is the perfect mix of traditional and modern. The school is situated in a beautiful Georgian building protected by government order to preserve all its historic features. Inside, the original features remain; however, the building has been completely renovated and offers 21st century comfort and technology including wireless computer connections, the latest audio-visual study aids and interactive whiteboards in the majority of our classrooms.

Internet Studio:

With high speed fibre-optic Internet connections and 20 flat screen monitors, you can always find space and time to keep in touch with family and friends or improve your English language by completing online exercises.

Student Resource Centre:

An important part of learning is having time and a comfortable place for practice and consolidation and our Student Resource Centre provides a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for you to study in before or after your English classes.

Bloomsbury have a range of resources available to help you with your self-study, such as different level work sheets, CDs, DVDs, grammar and vocabulary books and short novels written especially for English language learners. You can also use your laptop or electronic device to study by taking advantage of our free high-speed Wi-Fi internet access.

Bloomsbury Café :

The café is one of the focus points of Bloomsbury International, where students meet to socialise with food and drinks, relax and watch TV or use their laptops with our Wi-Fi internet access.

The café offers fresh food, snacks and hot and cold drinks at reasonable prices, prepared by our friendly café staff.

Theatre Room:

Bloomsbury’s Theatre Room is used for a variety of activities. It contains several computers and teachers often take their classes there for exam practice, project work and blended-learning lessons.

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General English

  • To study and practise English language in a class with students from all around the world who have the same level of English as you,
  • To make good progress in relation to your own learning goals,
  • To become more confident using English to communicate with people in everyday situations,
  • To be able to understand people speaking English at different levels and with different accents.

Communication Skills

  • To learn how to use appropriate styles of speaking and writing for different situations,
  • To focus on your ability to speak and write using more complex sentence structures and linking words,
  • To learn British colloquial language (for example, idioms and phrasal verbs) and how to communicate effectively in both British and international environments,
  • To improve your confidence in communicating in different situations in your life.

English & Football

  • To develop all four English language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), as well as pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary,
  • To provide an unforgettable experience playing football with one of London’s top football academies,
  • To meet students from all around the world who share your interest in football,
  • 3 hours of general English tuition per day (Monday-Friday)
    Flexible hours of football coaching plus optional football matches on Saturdays,
  • Course completion certificate,
  • Options to watch football match, visit a football club/stadium and more,
  • Football Kit.

Business English

  • To practise using English in different situations and at different levels of formality at work,
  • To enhance your awareness of different communication styles in order for you to choose the appropriate style for various situations,
  • To develop all four Business English skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), as well as fluency, pronunciation and Business English vocabulary,
  • To maximize your ability to represent your company efficiently at international level.

Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • Small talk in the business world,
  • Negotiating and persuading,
  • Participating in meetings,
  • Presentation skills,
  • Interview skills,
  • Writing reports, emails and business documents.

Medical English

An ideal course for non-native medical professionals who wish to improve their communication skills in the field of medicine, especially those focused on communications with patients and colleagues.

Qualified tutors work with a specially designed syllabus to create lessons to suit the group’s needs and requirements. The course is based on Standard English and focuses on all four skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) through a great variety of practical scenarios and activities.

The main aims and objectives include:

  • To practise the language through practical work-related scenarios,
  • To increase effective communication and pronunciation,
  • To increase the quality of care by improving language competence; necessary to promote trust and confidence in doctors and nurses when patients feel vulnerable,
  • To enhance English language in order to understand the legal duties and responsibilities of care within the UK,
  • To provide a framework that will enable the course participants to translate their medical skills and enhance and consolidate their performance at work.

The lessons are topic-based with the content focusing mainly on the following:

  • Patient interviews,
  • Discussing symptoms,
  • Dealing with sensitive issues,
  • Medical history and note-taking,
  • Medication and records,
  • Giving and receiving feedback,
  • Interpreting medical statistics in relation to controversial case studies,
  • Operating instructions and reading manuals and charts.

At the end of the course, you will receive Bloomsbury International certificate of attendance.

Legal English

This course focuses on using English in a commercial law environment and can help with preparation for the International Legal English Certificate (Cambridge ILEC) with the development of the four key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The topics covered on the course include:

  • Contracts,
  • Company formation,
  • Debtor-creditor relationships,
  • Intellectual property rights,
  • Employment law,
  • Real Property Law,
  • Secured Transactions.

Financial English

The objective of this course is to enhance your communication skills in areas of financial topics using authentic, clear, simple, accurate and modern English.

The course involves a combination of practical exercises using study texts, brief videos and short role-plays to introduce and practise various language areas of company finance, banking operations, investment and economics, such as:

  • Risk Assessment,
  • Auditing,
  • Budgetary processes,
  • Mergers and Acquisitions,
  • Taxation,
  • Insurance,
  • International Banking,
  • Pricing and Purchasing.

Aviation English

This course is ideal for professionals working in the aviation industry, e.g. pilots and air traffic controllers, who aim to improve their communication skills in situations related to their field of expertise, as well as those who wish to enhance their English language skills in order to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) language proficiency requirements.

The topics include:

  • Navigation,
  • Time duration and Schedules,
  • Cargo, materials and fire,
  • Cabin crew,
  • Landings,
  • Meteorology,
  • Aerodromes,
  • Security.

English plus Work Experience

Enhance your future career opportunities and add work experience in the UK to your CV.

This is an ideal opportunity for those who wish to improve their English and gain valuable work experience in the UK at the same time. With the Bloomsbury International English plus Work Experience programme, you will be able to combine your English language studies with either a paid or unpaid work placement in the industry of your choice.

Design the course according to your needs:

1. Choose the type of course and length of study period necessary for you to achieve the level of English required for your placement. Select either Business English or General English classes and study for a minimum of 4 weeks.

2. Choose the type and length of your placement (4 to 52 weeks).

We will find you a placement matching your chosen field of work and relevant experience or qualifications. We offer two different types of placements:

Paid: hospitality and healthcare placements (minimum 6 months)

This course is available for all EU nationals and Tier 5 visa holders aged 18 and above.

Unpaid: wide choice of industries, including marketing, customer service, IT, finance, media, and design (minimum 1 month)

This course is available for all participants in EU Lifelong Learning Programmes (Leonardo da Vinci, European Community Youth in Action, Erasmus or Comenius).

One-to-one & Small Groups

A unique opportunity for students who:

  • would like to improve a specific aspect of English language (for example, writing emails, standard English pronunciation, listening skills for IELTS exam and much more),
  • Are unable to attend regular lessons and need flexible times for their English language studies,
  • prefer to study alone or in a small group with their colleagues, friends or family.

IELTS Preparation

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is recognised by over 8000 universities, schools, colleges, agencies, companies and employers in more than 135 countries.

IELTS is designed to measure the candidate’s ability to use English language in an academic environment. It tests all four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) and it is most commonly used for college / school / university applications.

Qualified, carefully selected and dedicated teachers deliver lessons based on their learners’ needs, ensuring that you improve your English and practise the exam skills at the same time. The lessons include grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and topical communication skills, as well as past exam paper practice and mock exams.

Cambridge Exam Preparation

Cambridge English exams are recognised by more than 13,500 universities, colleges, employers, agencies and governments all around the world.

Bloomsbury International offers preparation classes for the following General English Cambridge exams:

  • Cambridge English: Key (KET) – A2 level CEFR,
  • Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) – B1 level CEFR,
  • Cambridge English: First (FCE) – B2 level CEFR,
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) – C1 level CEFR,
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) – C2 level CEFR.

Cambridge English exams are designed to assess your use of everyday spoken and written English for work or study purposes. The exams are run at various levels and test all English language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), as well as your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

Bloomsbury’s qualified, carefully selected and dedicated teachers deliver lessons based on their learners’ needs, ensuring that you improve your English and practise the exam skills at the same time. The lessons include grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and topical communication skills, as well as past exam paper practice and mock exams.

TOEIC Exam Preparation

TOEIC(Test of English for International Communication) test scores are recognised by more than 10,000 companies, agencies, colleges and universities in over 120 countries.

TOEIC is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to use English language in an international business/working environment. A good TOEIC score will show your employer how well you can communicate in English in a business context.

Qualified, carefully selected and dedicated teachers deliver lessons based on their learners’ needs, ensuring that you improve your English and practise the exam skills at the same time. The lessons include grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and topical communication skills, as well as past exam paper practice and mock exams.

TOEFL Exam Preparation

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is one of the most widely respected English language tests in the world, recognised by more than 8,500 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries.

TOEFL is designed to test the English skills required in an academic classroom. In the test, you may read a passage from a textbook and listen to a lecture and then speak or write in response, just like you would in a classroom.

Our qualified, carefully selected and dedicated teachers deliver lessons based on their learners’ needs, ensuring that you improve your English and practise the exam skills at the same time. The lessons include grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and topical communication skills, as well as past exam paper practice and mock exams.

Academic Year Programme

The Academic Year Programme is ideal for long-term students who wish to study in London, make a significant improvement in their English and have the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognised English language certificate (for example IELTS, CAE, TOEIC), while experiencing life in the UK.

At the beginning of your studies, you will discuss your personal study plan with a member of our academic team and your progress will be regularly monitored through weekly tests and regular tutorials, to help you improve quickly and achieve the results that you need.

You can choose from the following courses:

General English;

  • Exam preparation: IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, Cambridge Exams (FCE, CAE, CPE),
  • Business English.

You can also combine the above courses with:

  • Conversation classes,
  • Skills classes,
  • English for specific purposes,
  • Private lessons.

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