The Stay Academy – Willesden

  • Opened in March 2014: The Stay Academy @ Willesden. Prices start from £300 for General English & studio packages for European students. The facility also runs teacher training programmes and junior individual & group courses (14+).


Based in North-West London, The Stay Academy @ Willesden opened its classrooms in March 2014. The school benefits from transport links to Central London within 20 minutes for sightseeing trips.

There is also Westfield shopping centre nearby (one of the largest shopping malls in Europe) as well as being close to the famous Wembley Stadium, where live music and major sporting events take place throughout the year.

English Courses

The Stay Academy @ Willesden boasts 120 studios and 7 classrooms. You can choose from General English (15 hours), General English (21 hours), Teacher Training courses and Junior courses (closed groups).

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